Visiting Gaudí’s whim in Comillas

What it is and how to visit Gaudí’s whim, is one of the most important monuments in Cantabria, a work designed in the early twentieth century.

This is one of Antonio Gaudí’s architectural works, together with the others located in León and Astorga, are very curious modernist constructions with a unique style.

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visit gaudi's capricho
el capricho de gaudi house

Curiosities about the Capricho de Gaudí

The building can be visited since 2010 and this happens because the current owners, who are a Spanish company, but with Japanese owners, have enabled the visit to the public.

This is one of the most popular attractions in Cantabria since it receives up to 100,000 visitors a year, and can also be rented for certain events.

What is Gaudí’s caprice? As we mentioned it is an architectural work of Antonio Gaudí and was built in 1883 when the young architect was just 30 years old, the reality is that the correct way to call the building is Villa Quijano.

The name Villa Quijano is given because this building was commissioned by Máximo Díaz Quijano, a very wealthy character who had ties with the first Marquis of Comillas.

This is not the only building built by Gaudí in Comillas, the architect had built others that disappeared over time.

Although there is a curious fact or perhaps a rumor, but the fact is that it is said that the architectural artist never visited Comillas and that the building was built thanks to the instructions of an assistant.

el capricho de gaudí curiosities
visit capricho de gaudi

Where to sleep near Gaudí’s whim

To visit Gaudí’s whim, of course you should stay near not only the building but also other attractions such as the Cabárceno Zoo, for that there are a variety of options for renting complete rural houses.

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The hostel is an old mansion, restored and adapted to function as a lodging in Cantabria, has approximately 6000 m2 of green area in which you can enjoy and use for celebrations and other events.

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