What to see in Potes and the Liébana Valley

Cantabria has wonderful landscapes and some of these are in the Valley of Liébana and potes, Liébana and the Picos de Europa will surely fill you with happiness, if you are in Cantabria you must visit this place that is worth it. In this section we will mention what to see in Potes and its surroundings in the region of Liébana, make sure you enjoy the most and do not miss the opportunity.

It is curious but the valley of Liébana is a place that many tourists have as a favorite and it is here where they recharge their energies. Here we find important monuments, towns and incredible roads, not to mention that hiking in these parts is the order of the day so you should be prepared.

things to do in potes
what to see in potes asturias

What to see in Potes and surroundings

Now, before starting, you should know that there are seasons to visit certain places, but in the case of Potes and Liébana you can visit at any time because you can still appreciate incredible landscapes.

However, you can choose early spring or autumn as these are very special times to visit the famous Picos de Europa as they are covered with snow and this is what makes it magical.

Moreover, you can see the peaks from Santander and if they are full of snow you will see much more, so let’s see what to do in potes and the Picos de Europa.

What to see in Potes and surroundings
What to see in Potes and surroundings

Where to stay near the Liébana Valley and Potes

We recommend staying in a hostel in Cantabria near Potes, especially if you are going in large groups.

La casa de Gándara hostel is in a central location close not only to Potes and Liébana, but also to other attractions such as the Nature Park of Cabárceno or the beaches of Santander.

The lodge has up to 14 rooms for 2, 4, 6, 8 and up to 10 people, all rooms with a full bathroom.

The Llanos Village in Penagos is a quiet place and the lodge has 6000 m2 of green areas where you can breathe fresh air, all surrounded by forest and close to the main attractions.

Call us and check availability, we will take care of everything for you to enjoy total comfort as if you were at home.